Is there something considered best business cards?
There are no best cards, only cards that work best for you. Consider what story you want the cards to tell and select a design to fit your purpose. You can accomplish your purpose with a glossy or soft touch finish, a more toothy paper, raised print or flat print, rounded corners, and more. By choosing options that affect the look and feel of your card, you can send a unique message every time you hand one out.
Are there more professional business cards than others?
People mistakenly consider more expensive or more refined cards (using less type) as “professional.” If your story requires that tone, use this norm for that purpose. Foil printing for Financial Consultants seems appropriate but not so for Attorneys. One or two color printing is more appropriate for Attorneys, but would be considered dull for marketing firms, who instead prefer full color. That being said, there are really no rules in the business card world. Be creative; establish your own norms for professional business cards.
Do I have to use your business card formats?
No, you are more than welcome to upload your own artwork, or even use our design services for a truly custom card. The purpose of selling our business cards online for specific industries is so that the people in these industries can get great, professional-looking cards quickly and easily, without any hassle. Our styles are always being updated and offer the very best in quality and value.

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What should I do if I forgot my password?
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Why didn't I receive an email confirmation of my order?
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The text I entered doesn't fit in the space on the on-screen proof.
Every effort has been made to accomodate the infinite possibilities of character length, however some email addresses and company names can get pretty long. As long as your complete information is entered in the text field, UB will make it look appropriate once the order is received.

I didn't enter any information for a particular text field but sample text displays on the proof.
Every product comes with sample text already inserted in most available text fields. If you don't wish for any text to appear in a particular field simply press the space-bar and the sample text will disappear.

I used the space bar to get rid of the sample text but now I have a blank line.
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