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Marketing Collateral Management

The marketing collateral challenge:

You need a simple way to manage marketing collateral, protect your brand and ensure regulatory compliance. Marketing through a distributed sales and marketing organization typically means fielding daily requests from channel representatives for marketing materials. On top of that, many representatives want collateral customized for their local needs. Fulfillment can quickly turn into a full-time job for your marketing team. Meanwhile, your representatives may be creating their own collateral, compromising your corporate brand and violating industry regulations for verbiage and imagery.

Your solution:

Utley Brothers Printing solves this challenge with an easy-to-use online platform called UBMAM (Utley Brothers Marketing Asset Management). UBMAM makes your marketing collateral management remarkably easy. The platform completely automates the customization, production and delivery of collateral to your organization, giving your users what they need on demand while keeping all collateral consistent with your corporate brand standards.

Immediate benefits:

Dramatic time savings. UB eliminates the daily burden of customizing and fulfilling marketing collateral for channel representatives, freeing your internal team to focus on other essential activities.

Scales to any size organization. No matter how many users you have, Utley Brothers automatically handles all of their requests with the same high speed and efficiency.

Delivers customized collateral on demand. Online templates let users log in from anywhere, easily tailor collateral to their local needs, and receive their materials very quickly.

Maintains brand consistency and regulatory compliance. UB’s templates keep all of your marketing materials compliant with your brand standards and industry regulations, with UB producing them to the highest print standards.

Manages many types of marketing material. With UB’s marketing materials management system, you can store and manage brochures, flyers, catalogs, direct mail pieces, stationery, emails, point-of-purchase materials, and web landing pages.

No more obsolete materials. On-demand customizing and production let your users order smaller quantities with efficient pricing, eliminating excess collateral inventory.

ROI tracking. As your users consume materials, UB keeps a detailed history of all orders, letting you instantly see how and where those materials are being used.

Outrace your competitors. UB’s online portal gives your channel representatives instant access to the marketing content they need now.

How it works:

UB offloads the work of fulfilling marketing collateral directly to your users with an online, sales collateral management portal that’s self-service and very easy to use.  Users can log into the portal with any web browser to customize and order materials on their own, with speedy turnaround straight from UB’s high-end production facility. Customizing and ordering take just minutes, with the simplicity of an online store.