More than 50 years ago on a cold winter night, Bob and Wheeler Utley, visited a local car dealer to see the new 1950 models. The cars were beautiful but the business cards they received were awful... really drab-looking!

So they went back to their little printing shop, designed some colorful cards and sent samples to a selected list of car dealers. That first year they sold 300 orders of cards. Wow! They were sure they had found their niche.

Utley Brothers, a family-owned specialty printing company, was established in Detroit, Michigan in 1945 by Bob and Wheeler Utley upon Bob’s return from duty in WWII. After the successful product launch in 1950, the company began specializing in business cards; catering to worry-free procurement of business cards for automotive dealerships across the country.

Today the same family owns and operates Utley Brothers. The goals remain the same and the product offering has grown to include a complete line of corporate identity materials including business cards, letterheads, envelopes and other personal communication products. The client base has also grown from automotive dealerships to include multi-billion dollar corporations with global footprints. Utley Brothers leverages the best of technology with an experienced management team and staff to deliver a powerful 1-2 punch of corporate identity management and print procurement.

Utley Brothers produces in excess of 150 million multi-colored business cards annually for more than 6000 customers. Providing personal communication products since 1945, Utley Brothers has the people, the processes and the experience to provide you with worry-free marketing services for your organization.